Completely rethinking what air conditioning can be, with ultra-efficient, high-purity air conditioner and water generation systems

Disruptive Thermodynamics designs and manufactures high-efficiency air-conditioners. Our patented technologies allow us to produce air conditioning that is over twice as energy efficient as the most widely used residential units on the market, cutting air conditioning electricity costs by more than half. Making full use of the condensation process, Disruptive Thermodynamics systems are also able to collect large volumes of distilled water from the atmosphere. The designs are self-cleaning, meaning that there is no build-up of the toxic black mold that is a universal problem in other systems and subsequently, require much less time and expertise to clean and maintain.

With our patented, ultra-efficient heat exchanger design, Disruptive Thermodynamics’ heat exchangers require 80% less refrigerant than standard micro-channel heat exchangers, and when used in our A.C. systems, overall system refrigerant is reduced to an even more impressive 95% over standard split system A.C. units. Our use of hydrocarbon-based refrigerants result in zero ozone depletion and no CO2 equivalent gases in the atmosphere.

Disruptive Thermodynamics air conditioning systems are manufactured to appliance-grade quality with a leading O.E.M. contract manufacturer. The systems are ‘factory-sealed’, with refrigerant pre-loaded so leaks are nearly non-existent, and installation is quick, simple, and safe.

50% Less Energy Consumption

50% less energy consumed for equal cooling output (COP of more than 6.5 in Singapore environment compared to 3 for current leading brands) resulting in 50% in less operating cost, at the same cost-per-room as conventional air conditioners.

Self-cleaning - No mold

No maintenance, continuous self-cleaning cooling coil. Continuous supply of fresh, humidity controlled air. Self-cleaning coils, no need for service or cleaning. Factory sealed refrigeration unit, no maintenance required.

95% Less Refrigerant Used

Through a combination of our revolutionary new heat exchanger and our compact system design we use 95% less refrigerant than competing split system designs.

NO G.W.P. (Global Warming Potential) and no Ozone Depletion

Our self contained system design qualifies for use with class 3A refrigerants that have no G.W.P. and no ozone depletion. This helps everyone meet the G.W.P. goals set by the Paris Climate Accord.

Pure Water Generation

Producing from 300 L (30,000 BTU/hr) to 3000 L (300,000 BTU/hr) of freshwater per day per unit depending upon the size of the system and the geographic location.