About DISRUPTIVE ThermoDynamics

Disruptive Thermodynamics Pte. Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 2015. We design, manufacture and distribute ultra high-efficiency, high-purity air conditioning systems that also capture atmospheric moisture to produce residential volumes of fresh drinking water.

Improving energy efficiency is the most dominant trend in air conditioning today. Energy efficiency helps customers reduce energy costs, helps customers and governments achieve a lower carbon footprint and supports environmental commitments while contributing to energy security. Our world-class team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs have re-thought traditional air conditioning to produce breakthrough patented technologies and designs that are twice as energy efficient as residential systems on the market today.

Our systems deliver cleaner air and pure drinking water with lower maintenance at half the operating costs of traditional air conditioners. Our systems use 95% less refrigerant for the same amount of cooling, allowing our customers and the countries in which our products are used to stay well ahead of global treaty commitments.